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Cambridge ESOL – Speaking and listening exam Entry 3

The following is a link to the most recent version of the Cambridge ESOL speaking and listening exam video at Entry 3. The explanation for interlocutors can be found here.

The 4 parts of the exam

1a – Candidates are asked for their name, spelling, where they are from and how long they have lived in the UK. They then ask each other some questions about a topic.

1b – Each candidate talks about a topic for about 1½ minutes. They have 1 minute to think about what they want to say. Their partner then asks them 3 questions about what they have said.

2a – Candidates listen to 2 recordings and answer a multiple choice question about one recording. They then listen again and answer 2 questions about one of the recordings.

2b – Candidates talk together to plan an activity together for about 2 minutes. After this, the candidates then have a discussion about a topic for 3 to 4 minutes.

Practice papers

The following practice papers are from the Cambridge ESOL website:

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