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Certificate in Using Zoom With Speakers of Other Languages?

Unusual times calls for unusual measures and with lots of educational establishments being closed due to COVID-19, Cambridge English has temporarily allowed all components of the CELTA to be delivered online until the end of 2020. This is something that has never been done before; previously the input could be done online but the teaching…

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Why I prefer Zoom for English language teaching

Here in the UK, we’re a few weeks into remote teaching and learning and many of us (teachers and students) have been trying to get to grips with online classes. At the place where I work, Teams is being heavily pushed onto us by the senior management as a platform that is easy to use….

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teacherfeedback.org is a website aimed at teacher trainers. It was created by Jo Gakonga, an experienced teacher and teacher trainer, who also has an excellent youtube channel with videos for students training to be teachers, such as CELTA students. I have found teacherfeedback.org to be very useful for my professional development as a CELTA trainer….

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Love is…

Here are some resources that can be used in the classroom for Valentine’s Day. The Ad Council created a video titled ‘Love has no labels’. It is a great classroom resource for diversity and inclusion. What is love? by Ghulam Rasool Ghick Below is a text written by an English student called ‘What is love?’…

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So, you’ve just started your CELTA…

A new cohort of trainees started their part-time CELTA at my organisation today. The first day involved going through a lot of formalities – who’s who, course handbook, CELTA 5, tour, pre course task and the foreign language lesson. We, the trainers, were modelling some of the techniques used in English language teaching (ELT), with…

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Infographics: more than just a pretty picture

At the end of the academic year, staff at the organisation where I work were asked to showcase¬† the results of supported experiments (action research) which we had worked on during the year. I wanted to create an infographic to show some of the experiments that my group had been involved in. Presenting information graphically…

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