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English Speaking Board (ESB) ESOL Exams

The organisation where I work has all but dropped Cambridge ESOL exams and are offering exams from ESB (English Speaking Board). Reading At the time of writing I am preparing a class for their ESOL Entry 3 reading exam. While the reading texts in the sample papers do not appear to be particularly difficult, the…

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Find the mistakes

This was spotted in a shop window in London in May 2016 by one of my students. How many mistakes can you find? (Phone numbers have been edited)

3 interactive websites for practising English grammar and vocabulary

There are countless websites for practising English grammar and vocabulary. My favourites are englishgrammarsecrets, better-english and englishpage. These sites complement each other very well, offering interactive exercises covering grammar, vocabulary, prepositions, phrasal verbs and collocations. There is something here for every level of learner! englishgrammarsecrets This old favourite, englishgrammarsecrets.com, is an excellent website for practising…

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Cambridge ESOL – Speaking and listening exam Entry 2

The following is a link to the Cambridge ESOL speaking and listening exam video at Entry 2. The explanation for interlocutors can be found here. Practice papers The following practice papers are from the Cambridge ESOL website: Sample Test A Sample Test A audio Sample Test B Sample Test B audio Sample Test C Sample Test C audio Sample Test D Sample…

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Spellmaster – numbers

Spellmaster is a range of interactive activities created by Michael A. Riccioli and Frank McAree. There are 3 different activities are for practising the spelling of numbers, which increases in difficulty: Jigword is the easiest activity which involves matching a number with the spelling; Wordweb involves spelling numbers using all the letters given; Speedword involves…

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Months of the year

Interactive activity.


Ordinal numbers

Interactive activity.


Prepositions of place

Choose from the following: in at to – (no preposition)