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Skills for Life ESOL materials

The Excellence Gateway site has finally got round to organising the Skills for Life ESOL materials and presenting them on an ‘Exhibition Site‘.

It is actually quite impressive, given the difficulty in locating resources previously on the main Excellence Gateway site. The menu at the top provides easy access to all of the ESOL materials from Entry 1 to Level 1, enabling you to download each unit in a convenient zip file with the relevant listening files included. Although showing their age, many of the topics are still useful for ESOL teaching.

There is also a link to the vocational and embedded ESOL materials, as well as the ESOL Core Curriculum document (yes, THAT one with all the codes which nobody understood!). Many of these resources are still very relevant for vocational subjects.

There is also a ‘useful links‘ section which includes links to resources such as the Citizenship materials and the Reflect for ESOL resources, as well as some useful sites you may not have come across before!

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