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Warmers and fillers

Warmers and fillers are short activities that are used at the start a lesson or in the middle of a lesson to fulfil one or more purposes. These may include engaging learners, introducing some variety into a lesson and developing group dynamics.

It is useful for a teacher to have a bank of these activities to draw on and adapt to suit different topics. Personally, I find it more logical to have a warmer or filler that acts as a lead-in to the next stage of a lesson or revises or recycles something previously encountered, although they don’t necessarily have to be used in this way.

Here are some links to warmers and fillers:

The British Council (Spain) has a free pdf booklet with lots of ideas for warmers and fillers;

One Stop English has a comprehensive range of activities that can be used as warmers and fillers, including a selection especially for teenagers;

Jo Gakonga has a video that explains what warmers and fillers and offers a few interesting activities that can be used in the classroom;

There are many books with ideas for lesson activities. Five-Minute Activities by Penny Ur is particularly good for warmers and fillers.

The CELTA Course Trainee Book also has a selection of warmers and fillers at the back.


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