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ESOL – Literacy – Numeracy

Warmers and fillers

Warmers and fillers are short activities that are used at the start a lesson or in the middle of a lesson to fulfil one or more purposes. These may include engaging learners, introducing some variety into a lesson and developing group dynamics. It is useful for a teacher to have a bank of these activities…

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Do you ever find it difficult to know the right time to tell learners to stop doing an activity? Do you find it difficult to fit everything you planned into the lesson? Using a timer may be the answer! Online-Stopwatch.com provides you almost every kind of timer you could ever want and some you never…

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Classtools.net is a site that offers a number of useful tools for use in the classroom. One example is the QR code treasure hunt creator, which can be used to create quizzes.. In addition, the site also offers timers and selectors/name pickers, as well as some quirky apps like an arcade game quiz maker. This…

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World Book Day

World Book Day this year is on 7th March. As you can probably guess, it is all about encouraging people to read and enjoy reading. Students at primary and secondary schools in the UK are given a £1 voucher which can be exchanged for a book from a selection that has been specially written for…

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