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Love is…

Here are some resources that can be used in the classroom for Valentine’s Day.

The Ad Council created a video titled ‘Love has no labels’. It is a great classroom resource for diversity and inclusion.

What is love? by Ghulam Rasool Ghick

Below is a text written by an English student called ‘What is love?’ It was originally published on the NRDC website as part of the ‘Voices on the Page’ project. Unfortunately, all the texts from the project are no longer available, but luckily I had a copy of it:

What is love?

The question is – why do people love each other? Why do people fall in love with each other? Why are we attracted to certain people?

I think everybody has a story about love. But it depends on the person. How you think. What kind of person you want. You are very lucky if you find and keep loving one person for your whole life.

I think love is part of life. Without love, life doesn’t have any meaning. Love comes from the heart. But people are not always happy. Needing each other is not necessarily love.

Some people wait all their lives to find love, to find somebody special. I believe that love is out of your control. It is natural. If you love somebody, it is important that you tell them, to make sure they realise.

Without love, lives are empty. You must love deeply and honestly. Love is an important part of our lives, whether is love from a partner, friends or family.

by Ghulam Rasool Ghick


Here are some songs that can be used at different levels. If you use the New English File 3rd edition of coursebooks, the lyrics and activities are available in the Teacher’s books:

Elementary: Something Stupid, Frank and Nancy Sinatra

Pre-Intermediate: Friday I’m In Love, The Cure

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