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Writing is very often a solitary activity. I remember when I was a student, being set an essay or assignment, sitting there with a blank sheet of paper in front of me, not knowing where to start.

Padlet is a great online tool that allows you to write and see what others have written in real-time. You can create a blank Padlet and restrict access with a custom address, so that only your learners can access it.

I have been using Padlet for a few years now and have found it to be really brilliant for making writing less of a solitary activity; learners can see what everyone else has written and get ideas and inspiration from each other. Once a writing session has finished, I like to change the Padlet to ‘read only’, so that it can no longer be edited (This option is available by clicking on the ‘share’ button).

There is also the potential to use Padlet for collaborate writing.


spicytoothadmin • November 19, 2018

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