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So, you’ve just started your CELTA…

A new cohort of trainees started their part-time CELTA at my organisation today. The first day involved going through a lot of formalities – who’s who, course handbook, CELTA 5, tour, pre course task and the foreign language lesson. We, the trainers, were modelling some of the techniques used in English language teaching (ELT), with lots of group and pair work. Looking forward to the next session, when we start the real input!

The day got me thinking back to when I did my CELTA:

  • YouTube was less than a year old;
  • The first iPhone was a year away;
  • Blogs by ELT professionals such as Scott Thornbury (with an excellent glossary of ELT terms) and Jeremy Harmer didn’t exist;
  • I used a cassette tape to record my student for the focus on the learner assignment.

We very much relied on each other as a cohort for help and support, as well as on the books in the library!

While fellow trainees and books remain invaluable during the course, it’s quite breathtaking how online resources have grown. Here are a few links of people sharing their experiences of doing the CELTA:

  • Ivette did a part-time CELTA, rather than the typical 4-week intensive route;
  • Usaama tells you about a day in the life of a CELTA trainee;
  • Ana Yuni has made a video about her experiences of doing the CELTA;
  • Settit has blogged about her CELTA experience in London (note what she said about the number of trainees who had to resubmit their assignment and the number of ‘A’ grades that were awarded by a centre over 6 years!).
  • Seth wrote an excellent blog post with detailed reflections on every aspect of doing his CELTA in Bangkok.

The number of blogs on ELT has grown immensely since Thornbury and Harmer and is quite mindboggling. One of my favourites for CELTA trainees is Sandy Millin’s blog and I would recommend her useful links page as a good starting point (the number of links on the post is quite overwhelming, but it is quite well organised). Sandy is an experienced teacher and teacher trainer, as well as an avid blogger!

I would also recommend Jo Gakonga’s YouTube channel for very clearly explained videos on different aspects of teaching. She is a very experienced teacher, teacher trainer and Cambridge JCA (Joint Chief Assessor) and her experience is very apparent from her videos!


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