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Quizizz – Not Just A Kahoot! Clone

Quizizz is an up-and-coming real-time assessment application, which at first glance looks very similar to Kahoot! However, looks can be deceptive and after some initial scepticism I am becoming quite fond of using Quizizz with my learners.

As I have mentioned in other posts, the use of real-time assessment applications have become a viable alternative to classroom computers in my organisation probably only as recently as 2015/2016. This has been the result of the huge increase in smartphone ownership and the falling cost of mobile Internet access, with phone plans often bundling reliable and affordable Internet access. The use of students’ own devices in the classroom is often referred to by the acronym BYOD, which is short for Bring Your Own Device. This has enabled mobile phones, something that is often seen as a distraction in the classroom, to be used as a tool for engaging learners and enhancing learning.

The main difference between Quizizz and Kahoot! is in the way the quiz questions are played. With Kahoot!, each question is displayed on the electronic white board and the teacher ultimately controls the pace of the quiz by clicking on subsequent questions. With Quizizz, questions are displayed on learners’ own devices, enabling them to work through a quiz and answer questions at their own pace. With Kahoot!, learners need to correlate the answers displayed on the electronic whiteboard with the options displayed on their devices.

Kahoot2While a Kahoot! quiz feels much more of a whole-class activity, Quizizz is not done entirely in isolation, as learners are able to keep an eye on how well they are doing relative to the rest of the class with a ‘ladder’ being displayed on their devices.

One benefit I have discovered with Quizizz is the option to randomise the questions, so that participants do not attempt the questions in the same order. With Kahoot!, I have noticed that some learners peek at other people’s devices, so it is not always clear if they are submitting their own answers or that of another person. This situation is less likely to occur with randomised questions on Quizizz.

The reporting of how a class has performed in a quiz is very comprehensive for both Quizizz and Kahoot! But the biggest difference between the two applications continues to be the large number of quizzes available on Kahoot! The number of quizzes that had been shared by users on Kahoot! reached around 15 million in March 2017. Unfortunately, it no longer reveals this information, following a redesign of its website.

Quizizz gives the impression of having an extensive quiz library by cleverly displaying the same quizzes in search results again and again (honestly, did they think we wouldn’t notice?!). However, it is obvious that the number of quizzes is only a small fraction of the number available on Kahoot!

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