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Cuisenaire rods

Cuisenaire rods are a physical learning tool that are used primarily in the teaching of maths concepts, such as fractions. However, they also have application in language learning, such as for showing word stress, intonation, word order in phrasal verbs and teaching phrasal verbs (getting learners to construct a figure from rods by describing their position). Examples of how cuisenaire rods can be used in language learning can be found on many websites, including an article from TeachingEnglish.org.uk, a presentation by johndevans and a blog post by Sandy Millin.

One of my colleagues had planned to show a group of trainee teachers how cuisenaire rods can be used in ELT, but unfortunately the set of rods in my organisation have gone AWOL. As an alternative, I managed to locate an electronic version, one with a background grid and one without. While it doesn’t have the tactility of physical rods, the electronic version does have the advantage of being visible to learners in a large class.


spicytoothadmin • February 3, 2017

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