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Infographics: more than just a pretty picture

At the end of the academic year, staff at the organisation where I work were asked to showcase  the results of supported experiments (action research) which we had worked on during the year. I wanted to create an infographic to show some of the experiments that my group had been involved in. Presenting information graphically is nothing new; pictograms, for example, have long been used  to make information more interesting and easier to understand. There is a very interesting TED talk by David McCandless on how a very different message can be presented depending on how data is visualised.

I decided to take visme for a test drive to create my infographic. Visme is one of a number of sites that enables you to create infographics, tempting you sign up with claim of being ‘free and super easy’. On closer inspection, it becomes apparent that most of the free accounts offered by these sites only gives you access to a very limited range of templates and graphic elements; basically enough to let you get an idea of what the site can do. In order to create anything beyond the simplest infographic you need to go for a paid plan.

Visme offers monthly plans, which start from $7 per month. Plans for educational organisations start at $5 per month. I couldn’t justify signing up for a one-off project and in hindsight I think it would have been easier to use PowerPoint. An article on makeuseof.com gives some good tips on how some of the features of PowerPoint can be used to create an infographic. Below is the final infographic I created with Visme, although I should point out that some of the graphical elements were created on Photoshop and imported into Visme.


spicytoothadmin • July 30, 2016

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