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Filmmaking and animation in the classroom

At the beginning of the 2015/16 academic year, one of my colleagues who is a bit of a film buff, booked some free CPD sessions for staff with Into Film. The sessions were free and the trainer, Jane Coulter, came to our organisation to give 3 sessions covering the following areas:

  • Tools for analysing film, including the 3Cs (character, colour, camera) and 3Ss (story, setting, sound);
  • Stop motion animation using shoeboxes and iPads;
  • Filmmaking using iMotion, including storyboarding and shot sizes.

The training by Into Film is highly recommended, with many colleagues commenting that it was the best CPD that had done.

Filmmaking and animation in the classroom

Following the Into Film sessions, a group of us decided to use filmmaking and animation as the theme to our supported experiments, which was conducted over the academic year.

My colleague decided to try shoebox animation with a group of Entry 2, 16-18 students, while I settled on creating short films with iMotion with my group of Pre-Entry students. This would give my learners the opportunity to practise storytelling in English.

The story we chose was ‘Mehdi’s Story‘ by Julia Paillier. We covered one chapter of the story each week, over 3 weeks, practicing choral and paired reading. After reading a chapter, students worked in groups and produced a storyboard of the chapter.


After reading and storyboarding the 3 individual chapters of the book, students then distilled the story down to around 6 shots. A short film was then created on iMovie using the shots. More able learners recorded the story in their own words, while others read the story from the book.

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