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Wordsearch maker (teachers-direct.co.uk)

The wordsearch maker at teachers-direct.co.uk offers a number of customisation options that makes it better than the average puzzle maker.

After entering a list of words for the wordsearch, which can be pasted from another application, such as MS Word, there are 2 options for customising it:

  • Choose the direction the words will appear:
    • from left to right and top to bottom, reflecting the natural direction which the eye scans a page;
    • for extra challenge, the words can appear in all directions.
  • Choose what letters fill the blank spaces in the wordsearch. This feature is particularly useful for customising the difficulty of the wordsearch:
    • have the blank spaces filled with random letters of the alphabet (easy);
    • have the blank spaces filled with letters reflecting the frequency with which they appear in the English language (medium);
    • have the blank spaces filled with letters reflecting the words that are in the wordsearch (difficult).

The website also offers a database of wordsearches saved by other users, categorised by subject.

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