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Websites for practising English grammar and vocabulary

There are countless websites for practising English grammar and vocabulary. My favourites are englishgrammarsecrets, better-english and englishpage. These sites complement each other very well, offering interactive exercises covering grammar, vocabulary, prepositions, phrasal verbs and collocations. There is something here for every level of learner!

I have updated this page, with additional links to more of my favourite sites for practice activities. They can be found at the end of the page.


This old favourite, englishgrammarsecrets.com, is an excellent website for practising English grammar. Choose from the list of grammar structures to see an explanation with examples. Then click on one of the exercises to practise. What’s great about the exercises is that they are all interactive; drag and drop, gapfill, matching.

The only complaint I have with this website is that there are lots of ads, but the site is free. You can always install an ad blocker to hide the ads.

Note: The exercises require the Adobe Flash plugin, which means they may not work on some devices. Instructions on how to install Adobe Flash on Android devices can be found here.


Another excellent interactive website for practising English is better-english. Choose from a comprehensive range of grammar structures, vocabulary sets, phrasal verbs and collocations.

Many of the activities are themed around business English, but they are fine for use with non-business English classes.

One of the good things about the better-english site is that the exercises do not require any plugins, which means they should work on all devices.


Last but not least is englishpage. This site has a comprehensive range of activities for practising prepositions, phrasal verbs and articles, but also covers verb tenses, conditionals, gerunds and modals.

Like the better-english site, the exercises on englishpage do not require any plugins, which means they should work on all devices.

more of my favourite practice sites

I really like All Things Grammar because it is not a run of the mill site with gapfill activities. It actually has lots of ready made activities for practising grammar in a communicative way.

English Banana has been around for a while, originally offering their ‘Big Grammar Books’. The worksheets can now be downloaded individually in pdf or Word format.

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